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N e u r o M e d
. . . providing advancements in pain management

"An opioid epidemic is what happens when pain is treated only with pills"
The Washington Post – (News Article)

We need to stop the addiction before it starts!

If you are concerned about over prescribing narcotics or concerned if your patients are at risk of becomes addicted or overdosing on the drugs you are prescribing, you need to look at other treatment options available today.

The Challenge of Overprescribing

According to The Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) “Opioid abuse has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and often begins with a prescription for a pain medication.” Also, the CDC says, “Overprescribing powerful prescription pain medications, intentionally or unintentionally, is a national epidemic.”

Why not investigate the proven and effective treatment of Electroanalgesia (EA) by NeuroMed for the treatment of PAIN and Circulatory Disorders. It is considered by many specialists like Family Physicians, General Practitioners, Internal Medicine, prestigious hospitals, and universities in the medical industry today to be the most advanced medical technology in the Health Care Industry, and it is changing the way they treat their patients TODAY

Worldwide, Pain is one of the most common reasons why people consult a physician today, yet frequently it is inadequately treated, leading to enormous social cost in the form of lost productivity, needless suffering, and excessive healthcare expenditures.

Despite the obvious benefits of pharmacotherapy drugs for pain management, undesired side effects for patients as well as problems with chemical addiction have created serious concerns for many physicians today. Numerous controlled research investigations have directed the astute medical community toward more “non-invasive” medical interventions such as clinical Electroanalgesia (EA) to manage or mitigate a patient's pain.

The NeuroMed Electroanalgesic Delivery System with the MATRIX System software is the only medical technology that uses an advanced High Definition frequency generator (HDfg)™ to provide pure high frequency signals and can provide very high energy delivery to a patient. It is also the only medical technology in the market that is using a Multi-Frequency, Multi-Algorithm Technology programs that can produce different known physiological mechanism of action to provide physicians with an alternative solution and can successfully treat a multitude of medical conditions including PAIN.

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If you are concerned about your patients becoming addicted to opiates, consider implementing Electroanalgesia (EA) to your practice.

Over the past 30 years, physicians have provided million of treatments across the country with excellent patient outcomes. Prestigious hospitals, universities, professional sports teams, and thousands of satisfied physicians nationwide are successfully using Electroanalgesia (EA) in treating patients with pain or the pain caused by circulatory disorders, and avoiding the complications due to prescribing medication.