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Generally not. Usually you need pre-authorization for workers compensation cases.

YES, there is a preset reimbursement allowance for pain management treatment depending on treating physician and it is not consistent for all ordering physicians (MD, DC, and DO).

In our experience, most, if not all private carriers, as well as workers compensation carriers and med-pay carriers for automobile accidents, cover pain management treatments.

No, they are non-invasive. The treatments are performed by placing the electrode over the body parts and are performed by using surface electrodes.

Average patient treatment regimen consists of 15-20 treatments per I.C.D. 10 code. Physicians have recommended daily treatments for the first week  for severe pain patients, (a total of 5) followed by a re-evaluation. If medical necessity is documented, a physician may recommend that a patient receive 5 to 10 additional pain management treatments on a decreasing frequency schedule (Ex. every other day, 2-3 time a week, ect.). A re-evaluation is generally scheduled approximately every 5 treatments.

Simply contact our office or your NeuroMed sales account representative and sign the necessary paper work. We will then schedule your first staff training and start you on the road to developing your own pain management center.

Note: Medical Necessity

  • Physicians must document clearly, identify the service rendered, and specify why it is medically necessary for a given beneficiary for this equipment or any other product.
  • Physicians must show documentation (via S.O.A.P. notes) for a given treatment for this equipment or any other product.
  • If treating more than one condition, physicians must document clearly the conditions in the order of their  importance.  (Remember, this medical equipment is used to treat PAIN).