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"We are using real state-of-the-art technology to help patients get off narcotics that are becoming increasingly hard to get"… “It is not only drug- free, non-addictive therapies, they’re allowing us to treat some formerly difficult to treat problems.”
Dr. S. Berger
"The goal would be to reduce the amount of medication the patient is taking" … " You don’t need to throw people on all these narcotics. There are other options" … " It is super, super high-technology, It’s like the new wave of pain relief."
Dr. M. Mina - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Dr. M. Mina
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation​
"... The unique feature of the MATRIX system is that people have pain relief that exceeds the time of treatment. So days and weeks later they still have pain relief. It seems to be a cumulative effect, so as they get more treatments, they are able to have longer periods of time of pain relief."
Dr. G. Smith
"I find that the effect of electroanalgesia is equal to or more efficacious than traditional pain management techniques.
The safe and effective treatment modality also allows me to utilize it on patients who would not want traditional pain management procedures and who may be too sick for traditional pain management."
Dr. F. Kousaie
" … we were so excited to have this that we purchased 2 machines. Of course at the beginning we were a little skeptical. Is it as good as it sounds on paper, going through the research? So we tried it and it has been phenomenal. We have done treatments on 33 patients and 31 responded very favorably. That is very good percentage, over 95%... We are looking forward to adding this to all of our sites"
Dr. J. Hui
"got a lot of good patient feedback from it, in fact I have not had as much patient feedback from any modality as I have had from this one. It is very popular among the patients. It is very effective in what it is used for in comparison to other modalities we have been using. My desire now is to pick up another unit."
Dr. D. Simper
"We have been using the NeuroMed therapy for years in our office. This is one of those therapies that I would not practice without. It has far exceeded my expectations on treatment outcomes and results. Treating Neuropathy patients we get far better results then anything I am aware of. Many patients begin care in our office and receive outstanding results after prior treatment else where that has failed. I can now accept and treat difficult chronic conditions confidently. NeuroMed customer support is excellent. This therapy and technology stands alone. "
Dr. C. E. Gibson
Waynesville, NC
"… we specialize in sports medicine. We have been utilizing the NeuroMed MATRIX System and have seen a lot of benefits for the patients in their care, decreasing the pain and getting a quicker response ... The patients really like the treatments."
Dr. S. Hui
"I have worked with this amazing machine that eliminates a patients pain and brings their life back to normal." - Dr. K. Arun
Dr. G. Smith
"There were several people with back, knee and other aches and/or pain. Each of them received a treatment using the NeuroMed machine and everyone got immediate relief as a result."
Mike O'Connor
President, USW Local 7
More than four months after an Aqueduct racing accident left Jose Santos with five fractured vertebrae and a fractured sternum, the Eclipse Award-winning jockey… "I tried this method today and I wish I'd known about it two months ago,"… "I walked into the clinic in pain this morning and walked out pain-free."
Jose Santos
"We have been very impressed with your demonstration on Electroanalgesic medicine, your cost analysis presented, and your recommended medical management protocol as an early resolution of work related injury."… "My partners and I have seen first hand the results attained with your technology. We are happy to recommend your product to our Client"
David Jones, CEO
All Points Comp Solutions
"I have a smaller clinic in Clearwater Florida and have been using the Matrix NeuroMed system for more than six years with excellent results in treating symptoms of sciatic, neuralgia, and various forms of neuropathy. Today I had the pleasure of a surprise visit by Peter. He shared new information and insights of incorporating analgesic medicine using the matrix system that other practitioners are having with patients.
Even though my office is the only current practice in this portion of my county Peter has always treated our clinic as if we were 1st on his list. The products NeuroMed provide are durable and dependable. Any questions of repair or replacement of supplies we have had over the past many years have always been handled in the highest professional and prompt manor. l am looking forward to continuing my relationship with Peter and NeuroMed."
R. Neal
Clearwater, FL
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