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A History of Local Electrical Analgesia: Pain, Kane, Kevin, Taub, Arthur – pgs (14) — (F1)

Biology; Neural Controls-Neurons: Ville, Claude A., Solomon, Eldra P., Davis, P. William – pgs (77) — (F-2)

Cortically Evoked Depolarization of Primary Afferent Fibers in the Spinal Cord: Anderson, P., Eccles, J.C., Sears, T.A. – pgs (15) — (F-3)

Developmental Biology – Early vertebrate development, Neurulation and ectoderm: Scott, Gilbert, pgs (34) — (F-4)

Electronarcosis – A Progress Report, The American Journal of Medical Electronics: Smith, Robert H., Cullen, Stuart C. – pgs (6) — (F-5)

Human Responses to Electricity: A Literature Review, Turner, H. Spencer – pgs (116) — (F-6)

Masking and Metacontrast Phenomena in the Skin Sensory System: Melzack, R., Wall, P.D. – pgs (77) — (F-7)

Molecular Biology of the Cell in the Nervous System: Alberts, Bray, Lewis, Raff, Roberts, Watson – pgs (79) — (F-8)

Molecular Cell Biology: Lodish, Baltimore, Berk, Zipursky, Matsudaria, Darnell – pgs (66) — (F-9)

Pain mechanisms: a new theory, The Pain Clinic: Melzack, Ronald, Wall, Patrick – pgs (16) — (F-10)

Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology: Kleinsmith, Lewis J., Kish, Valerie M. – pgs (30) — (F-11)

The Effect of Electric Polarization of the Spinal Cord on Central Afferent Fibers and on their Excitatory Synaptic Action: Eccles, J.C., Kostyuk, P.G., Schmidt, R.F – pgs (7) — (F-12)

The Part Played by Electrical Fish in the Early History of Bioelectricity and Electrotherapy: Kellaway, Peter – pgs (14) — (F-13)

The World of the Cell, Signal Transduction Mechanisms – Electrical Signals in Nerve Cells: Becker, Wayne M. Reece, Jane B., Poenie, Martin F. – pgs (37) — (F-14)

Brain Hypoxia – Pain: Penzholz, H., Brock, M., Hamer, J., Klinger, M., Spoerri, O. – pgs (9) — (E-1)

Chronic Thalamic and Internal Capsule Stimulation for the Control of Central Pain: Hosobuchi, Yoshio, M.D., Adams, John E., M.D., Rutkin, Burt, MS. – pgs (2) — (E-2)

Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic pain: Hendler, Nelson H., Long, Donlin M., Wise, Thomas N. – pgs (22) — (E-3)

Direct effect of electrical stimulation on peripheral nerve evoked activity – implications in pain relief:Ignelzi, – Ronald J., M.D., Nyquist, Judith K., Ph.D. – pgs (7) — (E-4)

Effects on Some Physiologic Processes in the Dog: Smith, Robert H., M.D., Rovno, David, Bechard, Robert, Cullen, Stuart C., M.D. – pgs (4) — (E-5)

Electronarcosis by Combination of Direct and Alternating Current; Smith, Robert H., Cullen, Stuart C., M.D. – pgs (5) — (E-6)

Electrical Anesthesia – produced by a combination of Direct and Alternating Current: Smith, Robert H., M.D., Hylton, Robert R., Captain, USAF (MC), McCabe, John R., BA., Cullen, Stuart C., MD. – pgs (5) — (E-7)

Electrical Anesthesia. VI. – Effects of prolonged subconvulsive cerebral electrostimulation on memory, intellectual level, and subjective report of pain: Levin, Richard H., Ph.D., McGuire, Fredrick L., Ph.D. – pgs (4) — (E-8)

Electrical Inhibition of Pain: experimental evaluation: Shealy, Norman C., M.D., Taslitz, Norman Ph.D., Mortimer, Thomas J., M.E., Becker, Donald P., M.D. – pgs (7) — (E-9)

Electrical Stimulation of the Nervous System for Control of Pain: Clark, Kemp, M.D. – pgs (3) — (E-10)

Evoked Central System Activity Relating to Peripheral Unmyelinated or “C” Fibers in Cat, Journal of Neurophysiology: Collins, William F., Randt, Clark T. – pg (8) — (E-11)

Excitability changes in peripheral nerve fibers after repetitive electrical stimulation: Ignelzi, Ronald J., M.D., Nyquist, Judith K., M.D. – pgs (10) — (E-12)

Mechanism of Frequency-Dependent Inhibition of Sodium Currents in Frog Myelinated Nerve by the Lidocaine Derivative GEA 968. Courtney, Kenneth R. -pgs (12) — ( E-13 )

Midbrain Evoked Responses Relating to Peripheral Unmyelinated or “C” Fibers in Cat: Collins, William F” Randt, Clark T, -pgs (7) — ( E-14 )

Peripheral nerve stimulation in the treatment of intractable pain: Campbell, James N” M.D., Long, Donlin M., M.D. -pgs (7) .- (E-15)

The Cardiovascular Effects of Cranially-lmpressed Electric Currents of Anesthetic Intensity. Wood, William B., Ph.D., Powers, Marvin F., Ph.D., Dornette, W.H., M.D., Price, James M.D.- pgs (6) — ( E-16 )

Trancutaneous and Peripheral Nerve Stimulation for Chronic Pain States: Cauthen, Joseph C, M.D., Renner, Elisabeth J., R.P.T. -pgs (3) — ( E-17 )

Trancutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation Decreases Lower Esophageal Sphincter Pressure in Patients with Achalsia: Guelrud, Moises, M.D, Rossiter, Alicia, M.D., Souney, Paul F., MS., Sulbaran, Maryselis, M.D. -pgs (5) — ( E-18 )

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