Many of your colleagues are implementing a 2nd , 3rd or 4th MATRIX System in their office.

Why? – Because they are seeing incredible outcomes of this advanced medical technology known as Electroanalgesia on patients they tried everything and could not help before.

Don’t keep your patients waiting any longer!

Matrix System
Pain Management Electroanalgesia (EA)

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What are physicians saying about Electroanalgesia (EA)
by NeuroMed

“After hearing so many positive reviews from DCOA doctors, I finally took the plunge and bought a NeuroMed Matrix System.


Peter Beltran was here two weeks ago for a two-day setup and training. It was only hours later on the same day that the Matrix helped close my next decompression consultation. The prospective patient had low back and radicular leg pain that was 9/10.

Between my exam and the MRI findings it was clear to me that he was a good candidate for decompression.


At the end of the consultation, I put him on the Matrix as a ”trial to see if he would be a good candidate for out decompression program”. After 25 minutes on the Matrix the patient reported that his pain level was down to 5/10! He immediately said he wanted to start the decompression program.


This has happened with three other prospects since. The Matrix has become my new closing strategy. It will pay for itself in the increase in my closing percentage alone.


Thanks for introducing me to the Matrix System”.

“The Matrix has exceeded our greatest expectations in every way. I am familiar with most forms of available outpatient nerve stimulation technology.  We deal with a wide range of chronic pain patients. I routinely see chronic pain patients referred to our office by a number of medical providers. There are many options, but there have not been any real technological breakthroughs in decades. That is… until the Matrix. In my opinion the Matrix is the most effective electrical stimulation device for pain treatment available today.  

Just this week I had two patients tell me that they have zero knee pain after receiving a Matrix series for severe chronic knee conditions. One was treated one year ago and the other two years ago. I know of nothing else that can produce those kind of results. We offer Non-surgical Spinal Disc Decompression as well as medical acupuncture and chiropractic care. The Matrix adds another dimension to our practice.  We can successfully treat chronic joint pain and severe spinal joint pain. We can offer hope to people that have already had fusion surgery or otherwise are not candidates for  Non-surgical Spinal Disc Decompression.  Patients love the Matrix for the same reason we do- results that are literally unmatched. 

It is operated completely by my trained staff. Once I order the treatment, they schedule the patient, collect the fees,  explain the protocol and provide the therapy. It has become one of my primary go-to options for chronic pain”. 

“Peter Beltran’s level of service and follow through are exceptional. His knowledge is comprehensive, and his availability has been flawless”.“I brought the Matrix into my practice as an adjunct therapy with non-surgical spinal decompression.

This piece of equipment has helped get many of my patients out of pain quickly and avoid using medication for pain relief. I have seen nothing but positive results utilizing this piece of equipment in my practice and I cannot recommend the matrix enough.

In addition to using this for my chiropractic patients, it has opened up the world of joint therapy for my patients. If you’re thinking about purchasing this for your office, do it! “


I have been a spine specialist for over 20 years. Most of my patients suffer from chronic neck, back, shoulder or knee pain, including myself with severe stenosis in my upper thoracic that was giving me lots of trouble. In the past I have used many different modalities in order to help my patients get them feel better and get on with their lives. Until I met Peter Beltran the owner of NeuroMed (Matrix).

Peter introduced me to Matrix in order to help me with my condition. I felt immediate relief after my first treatment.  I went ahead and purchased the machine from Peter.

Peter and his team will go above and beyond in order to make sure you’re satisfied with the product you buy from them. Their customer service is outstanding and most importantly the machine itself does wonders. I highly recommend Peter Beltran and his team for many reasons when it comes to Matrix.”

“I am so excited to have the Matrix by NeuroMed. Specializing in disc injuries, a large portion of my practice are post-surgical. Knowing that hardware is contraindicated for spinal decompression, having the Matrix, and electroanalgesia, has done wonders for these difficult and unique patients.

Knowing that it is utilized by the Cleveland clinic gives my patients great confidence. It is also wonderful for joint problems.

I’m glad I made this purchase for my practice.”

Wow, what can I say?!! The MATRIX has been a GAME CHANGER, for our practice and out patients!  We have seen some “eye popping” and “jaw dropping” things with our patients.  It has been great to use as an adjunct to our Spinal Decompression program in our office.  We have seen people come in with 8/10 pain scales and leave with no pain.

It has helped patients with plantar fasciitis, knee pain, shoulder pain, neuropathy, etc.  Don’t hesitate to invest in the MATRIX!

You will not regret implementing it into your practice!!


You can also personally talk to other physicians that
have recently purchased the MATRIX systems.

Dr Jason Helton, DC Lubbock, TX
Cell:(806) 441-7067
Dr. Brian Robbins, DC Danville, VA
Cell: (434) 548-7866
Dr. Roger Huang, DC Ashtabula, OH
Cell:(440) 222-5269
Dr Christopher Lauria, DC Roanoke, VA
Cell: (540) 725-9501
Dr. Brian Kroll
DC Red Wing, MN
Office: (651) 388-4378
Dr. Travis Stickle, DC Lynchburg, VA
Phone: (434) 262-1739
Dr. Reza Nikpour, DC Annandale, VA
Cell: (703) 786-4325
Dr. Cameron Roe,
DC Anna, TX
Cell: (940) 230-4496


We are also offering a 2 Year Warranty, No charge for installation/ Training, and a 3 month No payment plan!

This would allow you to start using the system before making your first lease payment!

Start using the technology TODAY…. 

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